Main Benefits

Use it - Earn money

Earn cryptocurrency fast and easy. The built-in mining bot earns Utopia’s cryptocurrency for each internet session

No phone number

Use the messenger anonymously. No need to enter the phone number to start using the messenger.

Unhackable crypto container

Nobody can hack into the server with data. It is built on the multi-level encryption method based on Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES.

Absolutely free

The messenger works for free. Everything you need is to download and start using Utopia.

Powerful and fast

Send and receive encrypted text and voice messages. Use 5 unique features that are available for free usage only here.

No spam or ads

The service free from spam messages and target ads. Nobody can control your desires

Secure chatting

If you need to communicate with someone anonymously, so that the correspondence does not leak anywhere, use protected uMessenger. Send text and voice messages. Add stickers and emojis to your messages.

Private chats and channels

Create encrypted secret chats and channels for your subscribers. Use them anonymously and without censorship. It works as a closed circle where each user has private access to it.

Free mining

Enable the built-in Mining bot to earn cryptocurrency. It works automatically and charges cryptocurrency for internet sessions via Utopia.

Decentralized P2P Network

Such type of network provides a higher security level. It doesn’t presuppose the absence of a single point of failure. To hack the data, third parties need to take control of all peers. It is simple impossible.

Completely anonymous

To start using it, you don’t need to enter your personal data. Just write your nickname and Utopia generates a private key that will open the free access to the usage.

Safe file sharing

Send and receive confidential files and documents. The ecosystem highly encrypts each transmitted message. No one can access it.

Secure storage server

It doesn’t use a single server. Utopia creates a personal server for each user. Now, each user is a client and a server at the same time.

Without censorship

The ecosystem is built under the principles of freedom of speech. You are free in your words and actions. No one can dictate to you what to do.

Why should you switch to Utopia p2p?

Simple way to protect your internet activity. Now, you can use a range of privacy tools to ensure your data security. 5 built-in functional tools to fill your needs using an anonymous and encrypted way.

What should you do to start using Utopia p2p?

Download the client

Download and install the client from the official site. No personal data, such as phone number or email address.

Create crypto container

Launch Utopia and create an account’s crypto container. You can create several containers for each user.

Become a part of a community

Simple connection to the network and instant usage start. Implement Utopia and appreciate its abilities

What can you do with Utopia P2P

Secure messaging

Convenient and secure instant messenger transmits any encrypted text or voice message. Only the sender and recipient have access to it.

No spam or ads

Forget about annoying built-in ads and spam messages. Utopia is a completely free zone

Colorful stickers

Add cool and bright stickers to messages. A great scope of them can help you with it

Chats and channels

Create private chats for secret communication. Invite your subscribers to follow your channel

Use cryptographic container for storing important data or files

Store all transmitted and other data in a special encrypted container for safekeeping. Such a container cannot be hacked due to the complex encryption method.

Protected correspondence without prying eyes

Use encrypted file sharing to transfer all confidential files and documents. Each message is more encrypted than in traditional email. Only the sender and recipient have access to it.

Why should I use Utopia when I can chat using traditional messenger apps?

First, Utopia is an anonymous messenger. You do not need to disclose your identity during the registration process. Second, it is free of charge. You do not need to pay for functionality usage. Finally, Utopia is a censorship-free zone.

Where are the guarantees that my data will not be stolen?

All user data is stored on your own cryptocontainer that Utopia creates during the registration. A personal key opens unique access to it. For data protection, there are several sophisticated encryption methods that no one can hack.

Why is Utopia free of charge?

The team of developers is enthusiasts who created Utopia using their own funds. The main goal was to provide users with secure and anonymous tools for free chatting and working on the net. Therefore, the entire ecosystem exists on enthusiasm.

Are there any other

Play and enjoy

Spin out your free time with pleasure. Take a break from daily internet routine and play built-in games with your friends.

Earn money using
Utopia p2p

Activate a built-in mining function and collect cryptocurrency for each internet session. You can use it for payment or exchange them on the exchange.

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Users already work with the ecosystem daily

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Users already earn cryptocurrency via Mining

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